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We teach safe boating and navigation and the

State of  Connecticut accepts successful completion of our one day eight hour Safe Boating Class as a       qualifying exam for the purchase of a CT Safe  Boating Certificate.

Penfield is the Squadron serving the Long Island Sound shore towns of Fairfield, Stratford, and the City  of Bridgeport


March 13, 2024 - Penfield Change of Watch Invitation

Questions/Comments: Don Peterson - dfp1061@gmail.com

Penfield Change of Watch - 7:00 PM, Wednesday, March 13, 2024

You are cordially invited to the Penfield Sail and Power Squadron 2024 Virtual Change of Watch Ceremony. The event will be held on Zoom as detailed below:

Topic: Penfield Sail and Power Squadron Change of Watch - Mar 13, 2024 07:00 PM Eastern Time

Join Zoom Meeting: Click USPS Ship's Wheel above, or copy and paste the below link into your browser:


Meeting ID: 891 0894 6754

Passcode: 142501

Dial by your location

309 205 3325 US

646 931 3860 US

929 205 6099 US (New York)

The main purpose of the meeting is to elect and swear in the 2024 Penfield Bridge. The slate of candidates submitted by he Nominating Committee at the February meeting is shown below:

Commander: Donald Peterson, JN

Squadron Ed Officer: Norman Marsilius, AP

Executive Officer: Ronald Denny

Admin Officer: Richard Daddario

Secretary: Lee Parratt, JN

Treasurer: Donald Peterson, JN

Asst Ed Officer: Carole Heller, SN

There were no additional candidates added at the February, 2024 meeting. Any active member can self nominate for a Bridge position or committee chair at the Change of Watch. If none are nominated, the members present will be asked to vote on the slate. For your information the below members also hold positions for Penfield and District 2.

Audit Committee Chair: Ross Hatfield

D2 Insurance Officer: Martin Burger, AP

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Message for 2023-2024

Commander's Message

March, 2023 Commander's Message
Summer is here and Lots to do on and near the water
Questions: Don Peterson - dfp1061@gmail.com


Commander's Message July 2023 -

Penfield Meeting - 6:30 PM, Monday, July 10, 2023

I just received a message from Fayerweather Yacht Club that their Board of Governors have graciously extended an invitation for us to return to in person meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. Of course we will follow the usual rules concerning being signed in and that all beverages must be purchased at the bar. As the kitchen is closed on Monday evenings we can bring in snacks. Please add the 2nd Monday evening meetings on your calendars.

Our first meeting will be July 10th at 6:30 pm, which will basically be to celebrate a return to getting together, take in views of Black Rock Harbor, discuss plans for the rest of 2023 and discuss any updates on potential changes to the USPS organization structure. Eat before the meeting or bring a snack or sandwich, I will bring cookies. All active members and alumni members are encouraged to support this event.

Other News

On July 8th, the combined D2 Winter Council and Spring Conference meeting is scheduled on Zoom from 8:45 am to 4:45 pm, although I would be surprised if it goes much past noon. Contact me if interested in logging in to the meeting.

A team of Carole Heller, Norman Marsilius and Don Peterson taught the America's Boating Course on June 27, 2023 at the Fairfield Regional Fire Training Center. The class consisted of firefighters from Fairfield, Westport, and Stratford. All eight students passed the class and can purchase their CT Safe Boating Certificate which includes the Water Skiing Endorsement and Operation of Personal Watercraft Certificate.

Below is the slate of officers sworn in by D2 Commander Susan Darcy on March 29, 2023. We still need volunteers for Penfield Committees.

Commander: Donald Peterson, JN

Squadron Ed Officer: Norman Marsilius, AP

Executive Officer: Ronald Denny

Admin Officer: Richard Daddario

Secretary: Lee Parratt, JN

Treasurer: Donald Peterson, JN

Asst Ed Officer: Carole Heller, SN

Audit Committee Chair: Ross Hatfield

D2 Insurance Officer: Martin Burger, AP

Upcoming Local Events:

Darien Sail and Power Squadron

Boat/Camp: July 28th, 0830-1400 (8:30am-2:00pm)

A day of fun and local sight-seeing by boat with Summer Camp kids! You, your boat, and a crew. Contact Gerry Raasch (raaschg@aol.com) or Fred Elliott (elliottfc.07@gmail.com).

Note : Please confirm your attendance with the host squadron and let them know what squadron you represent.
Penfield Burgees: The Squadron has two burgees left from our recent order. Please contact me if you would like one. The price is $30 each.

Vessel Safety Checks: Let me know if you are interested having a courtesy vessel safety check this summer

This message being sent to Penfield Active & Alumni

This message being sent to Penfield Active & Alumni and D2 Long Island Sound Group

Donald Peterson
Penfield Sail and Power Squadron | 1061 Galloping Hill Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824


Monday Meeting - in person - Fayerweather

Penfield Meeting - 6:30 PM, Monday, October 9, 2023
Our fourth meeting of 2023 will be October 9th at 6:30 pm, at Fayerweather Yacht Club located at 51 Brewster St, Bridgeport, CT 06605.
Fayerweather has graciously agreed to let us use the dining room beginning at 6:30 PM on the Second MONDAY of each month for the rest of 2023.
I noticed that sunset is 6:21 pm so we can arrive while it is still light out.I also noticed that Columbus day will be celebrated on the 9th, perhaps we should raise a glass to commorate his sighting of America.
We will start off with a social half-hour to catch up with each other. Eat before the meeting or bring a snack or sandwich, I will bring cookies. All active members and alumni members are encouraged to support this event
Based on the information we learned about "America's Boating Channel" at our September meeting, my agenda for the meeting will be to explore the feasibility of Penfield, maybe along with other D2 squadrons, trying to be selected to participate in the filiming of a short video by America's Boating Channel. My idea was to cover how boaters of all types (power, sail, paddle, jet skis) can safely share our coastal channels. I believe we would need to include local yacht clubs for boats and actors, local harbor masters and marine police for expertise and security while filming takes place. I will ask those groups if they would like to send a representative to attend our discussion.
This is the brief description I sent to ABChannel as to why our location could be ideal as representative of many types of crossing situations: "Penfield's coastal footprint has many interesting channels:Southport Harbor (very tight), South Benson Marina (very tight and shallow with 600 boat slips, fire and police boats, racks for 200 kayaks and SUP's, plus a fishing pier), Black Rock Harbor (several yacht clubs, marinas, and occasional barge traffic), Bridgeport Harbor (wide with three large ferries using the channel with the marinas and yacht clubs along with other commercial boats), and the Housatonic River (several yacht clubs, marinas and long streches of no wake zones)".
This message being sent to Penfield Active & Alumni
Donald Peterson


History Of Penfield/United States Power Squadrons

A Brief History of the United States Power Squadrons
When motorized yachts became more common in the early 1900’s, a small group of members of Yacht Clubs around Boston and New York City believed an organization should be formed to promote the teaching of boating skills to the owners of these “power” boats. This led to the formation in 1914 of what became the United States Power Squadrons (“USPS” or “Power Squadron”). In fact, in 1917, the then Secretary of the Navy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, asked the group to provide nautical training to individuals in the even the United States became involved in the War in Europe (which, of course occurred later in 1917). The Power Squadrons grew into a national organization which celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2014. The organization has been focused on competent and safe boating by teaching a broad list of boating skills through classroom study, seminars, and recently, on-the-water instruction. Thousands of USA boaters have taken the Power Squadron’s America’s Boating Class to improve their boating knowledge and/or earn certification for state boating licenses. Another public service performed by the USPS is to perform voluntary vessel safety checks which earns a vessel passing the US Coast Guard requirements a decal issued by the Coast Guard valid for one year. In fact, there is sometimes confusion between the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Power Squadron. While both organizations teach safe boating courses, can perform vessel safety checks, and members of both are volunteers, USPS is not a governmental body where as the Auxiliary falls under the Coast Guard and has on the water patrol and rescue capabilities.

A Brief History of Penfield Sail and Power Squadron
The Housatonic River Power Squadron covered the Long Island Sound towns of Fairfield, Bridgeport and Stratford, but in 1969 had grown so large that several members, mostly based in Fairfield, split from Housatonic River and formed a new squadron named after the Penfield Reef and Lighthouse. Penfield grew and maintained a friendly and cooperative coexistence with Housatonic River. Both Squadrons hit their peak membership and activity levels in the 80’s and 90’s. Both Squadrons became smaller and less active in 2000’s and in 2011, Housatonic merged into Penfield so the three towns were again under one roof. While many Squadrons have experienced declining membership, the Fairfield County Long Island Sound squadrons have opened their classes and activities to each other’s members. Penfield enjoys good relations with the Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk and Westport squadrons. We are eager to welcome both new and experienced boaters to our group. While many of our members have stopped actively boating, they still enjoy the social aspects of the Squadron and many simply want to support an organization that is dedicated to the teaching and practice of safe boating.

Recent developments
Most Power Squadrons changed their names to, for example, Penfield “Sail” and Power Squadron about 25 years ago to dispel the notion that only power boaters were welcome, when in fact many squadrons have a equal number of sailors and motor boaters. More recently, as the popularity of paddle craft (kayaks, canoes, paddleboards) and personal watercraft (jet skis) has increased, USPS has adopted a more generic “go to market” name of “America’s Boating Club” to capture a broader cross section of the boating community. Some squadrons choose rebrand themselves, as for example, America’s Boating Club of Greenwich, others, like Penfield have continued to use the Sail and Power Squadron name. Of course, it takes more than a name change to help volunteer organizations, such as the Power Squadrons, regrow their membership which has declined over the last 15 years. For our organization, our goal is to increase our membership and number of people taking our classes by making membership and classes more in line with our changing environment and competition for how we spend our leisure time. To that end we are broadening our reach through technology advances for classes, meetings, social activity and most of all, boating.

Mission of Penfield and United States Power Squadron

Teach and Practice Safe Boating through Education and by Example

How to get added to Penfield's "Local Boaters" Constant Contact email list

How to get added to Penfield's "Local Boaters" Constant Contact email list or request a free vessel safety check: email Donald Peterson at dfp1061@gmail.com

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