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Commanders’ Message

For those of you unable to attend our Change of Watch on April 18th at the Southport Brewing Company we had a good turn out with good food and good company. Past District Commander, Susan Ryan did the honors of swearing in our 2016 Bridge. As you look at the bridge Line up, it should look pretty familiar although many of us have taken on different responsibilities.

After seven years as Treasurer, I am turning over the checkbook to Norman Marsilius and seek everyone’s help and advice as I replace John Pyrch as Commander. My thanks to John for his many years on the Bridge including three as Commander. Gavin MacNamara and Lee Parratt will continue as Executive Officer and Secretary. Georgette Geotsi will replace Lou Fernous as Administrative Officer. I have asked Lois Ware to be our Elected Member of the Bridge and Joan Pappas and Carole Heller will be SEO and Asst SEO.

In addition to our April Change of Watch, District 2 also held its COW on April 2nd in Fishkill, NY. Vince Evans of Storm King moved up from Executive Officer to be our new District Commander. The rest of the Bridge is: Exec Officer: Martin Feldberg – Storm King; Admin Officer: Leslie White – Norwalk; Educ Officer: Karl Wagner – Norwalk; Asst Educ Officer: Andy Cummings – Greenwich; Treasurer: John Pedersen – Darien; Secretary: Susan D’Arcy – Berkshire


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